Episode One

 Ali hooks up for the first time...almost. 

Episode 2

 Ali Comes Out. 

Episode Three

 Ali tells her friend about her MANY bad dates. 

Episode Four

 Ali Takes a dance class. 

Episode Five

 Everything is going smoothly on this date, until one of them suddenly falls asleep - several times. 

Episode Six

 Tracy tries a little too hard to get Ali a date. 

About Us

Who We Are

Emme Geissal is the creator, head writer, and producer of Awkward Ali.  She also plays the title character because she told a friend a true story and  - between fits of laughter - her friend said, "That sounds fake. You should write that down." With that, Awkward Ali was born. Emme is from St. Louis and lives in L.A. She is pursuing her dreams of working in the arts and entertainment one show, one script at a time.

About Ali

Ali is a lovable lesbian who is trying - and hilariously failing - to navigate the world of dating. Simply put: Ali is all of us. This web show is a romantic comedy that happens to have a lesbian lead. Some episodes focus on her sexuality, but most do not. As we all know, representation is important. I, for one, want more cute stories about queer women in the world, but I would specifically like more stories that treat queer people as just people moving about in the world (since that is real life). All kinds of people fall in love, and Awkward Ali shows that dating is dating - which is to say it's often very weird no matter who you are attempting to woo. May our universal human awkwardness bring us together.

Special Thanks

This show could not have been produced without an enormous amount of generosity  and support by many people. Here are some of the folks who graciously gave their time and money to this project. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot express my gratitude. (And if my goldfish brain forgot to put your name in this section, PLEASE let me know so I can add you.) I love you all.

L. Stephanie Tait and Brian Carroll

Brian Cunningham and Kim Ho

Dave and Kelley Shapiro

Linda Shapiro

Ellen and Danielle Morvant

Amanda Armstrong

Lizzie Adelman

Joseph Gárate

Liz Schacter and Jon Stoner

Caroline Torosis and Dan Bass

John Sgueglia

Caitlin Wever

Linda Bisesti and Matt Reidy

Sherri Sneed

Sandra Escalante

Angie Montes and the El Arco Iris crew

Dan Bramlet

Sam Girod 

Shine Kim

Shayfer Wayne

Contact Us

We want to know what you think of our show. Send us a message, a tweet, or a messenger pigeon (last method preferred). 

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